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For Prospective Applicants
Required Documentation For Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining ATA. Application for membership must include the following documents:

1. Completed ATA Application for Membership (see download below).

2. Copy of the required license issued by the appropriate State or City agency in each location the agency has a place of business. Include proof of Bond, as may be required.

3. Bio or resume of each agency owner, executive or financially interested party. Bio/Resume must provide a detailed timeline of work experience, including talent agent/representative experience.

4. Two (2) letters of recommendation from an owner or executive officer of two separate ATA member companies familiar with the applicant or its principals. Recommendation letters must include how long and in what capacity the ATA member is familiar with the applicant.

5. Copy of current Guild/Union talent agency franchise certificate or other documentation.

6. Provide proof of an established client trust account and general operating account. (attach copy of voided checks)

7. Provide a copy of the form agency contract(s) in use by your agency with Artists.

8. Application fee of one thousand dollars ($1,000), payable by check. If membership is accepted, such fee will be applied pro-rata to the first year’s dues. If membership is not accepted, the $1000.00 check will be returned.

9. Non-refundable processing fee of two-hundred-fifty dollars ($250.00), payable by separate check. This fee will not be refunded in the event membership is not accepted.

Upon receipt of all required documentation, an ATA Membership Review Committee member representative(s) will contact the applicant(s) to schedule an interview. The Committee member representative(s) will generally seek to ascertain:

  • Familiarity with applicable State Talent Agency Laws;
  • Familiarity with the Guild/Union Agency Franchise Agreement provisions;
  • If the agency represents Minors are you familiar with the Coogan Laws and other related issues relating to minors?
  • Familiarity with Union/Guilds Basic Agreement with Employers (i.e., TV, Theatrical, Commercial).
  • If the agency applicant has been in business for less than one year, the Committee representative will also ascertain that the applicant is owned, managed or controlled by an individual with at least one year's experience in the agency business or was affiliated with another established agency.

The ATA Board of Directors must review/approve all applications for membership. There may be up to an eight (8) week period between ATA's receipt of the application, interview, and a final ATA Board decision.

The $1,000.00 application fee will be retained only if the application for membership is accepted and you are so informed. The $250.00 processing fee is non-refundable.

ATA dues are based on the agency's annual revenue within seven ranges of dues categories. Please contact ATA to discuss when you are ready to submit all required documentation for membership.

Download an ATA application

ATA will not accept partial or incomplete application documentation. Please mail the complete application package to:

Association of Talent Agents
3019 Ocean Park Blvd, #344
Santa Monica, CA 90405




ATA is not a talent agency and does not provide referrals to artists

If you are looking for an agent please contact individual agencies directly.

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Association of Talent Agents

3019 Ocean Park Blvd, #344
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Office: (310) 274-0628


If you are looking for an agent, please contact individual agencies directly.

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