WATCH | Race in America: A Brief Course in Anti-Racial Bias

with Stuart K. Robinson

Educational Webinar Sponsored by the ATA Racial Equality Task Force

Watch motivational speaker, career coach, educator and BBR Talent Agency CEO, Stuart K. Robinson in an educational and proactive seminar providing insights, perspectives and solutions for agencies seeking strategies to achieve greater racial equity and understanding. Sponsored by the ATA Racial Equality Task Force, this seminar will give you tools and data upon which you can build a healthier racial culture.

To Download *UPDATED* resources & recommendations from the webinar, click here

We encourage everyone to watch this important and educational webinar, and to share it far and wide!



ATA Racial Equality Task Force Mission Statement:

The mission of the ATA Racial Equality Task Force (RETF) is to promote awareness of educational resources available to our member agencies as it pertains to creating an inclusive workplace culture. The RETF seeks to remove barriers to entry and promotion in the Talent Agent industry by fostering an environment of inclusion and transparency. Through strategic planning, the Association will work alongside and bring outside resources to our member agencies to recruit, train and mentor individuals from communities that are historically and disproportionally excluded from our trade. The RETF strives to transform our member-led talent agent community into an all-embracing industry with forward-thinking professionals dedicated to equality for all.

Stephen DéCayette 
DéCayette Talent Agency

Chair and ATA Board Member
Tiauna Jackson
The Jackson Agency
Co-Chair and ATA Member 
Stuart K. Robinson
Brady Brannon & Rich Talent Agency
Task Force and ATA Member

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