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Since 1937, the Association of Talent Agents (ATA) has been the official trade association of talent agencies across the U.S., responsible for legislative advocacy and negotiating agency franchise agreements and regulations with the major entertainment guilds, including SAG-AFTRA, WGA, DGA, and AEA.

ATA’s collective voice provides strong and effective support for its members in matters relating to talent-agency business. The association’s one-hundred-plus member companies represent the vast majority of the professional working artists today. ATA provides best practices, a voice in legislation, education, seminars, networking events, conferences, news bulletins, expert opinions and day-to-day support. Learn More


ATA POlitical action committEES

ATA Political Action Committees (PACs) serve as ATA’s independent, voluntary and nonprofit political action arm. The PACs support legislative and statewide candidates—regardless of political affiliation—based on their ability to make a difference for talent agencies in California and New York. ATA PACs make it possible for talent agencies to participate in the public policy process and voice concerns about issues affecting the representation profession. To make a donation and learn more, CLICK HERE.



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ATA is not a talent agency and does not provide referrals to artists

If you are looking for an agent please contact individual agencies directly.

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If you are looking for an agent, please contact individual agencies directly.

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